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How to reach Ygeia

WATCH OUT the GPS localisation is wrong, it shows #1 Les Chartrons is at #9 !!

So coming from Castillon by the river go further till the road sign « 50 RAPPEL » #1 main gate of YGEIA is just facing the sign.

Coming from FLAUJAGUES go 250 mètres  till the road sign « 50 RAPPEL »

Coming from the North via Bordeaux Libourne or D17,

Take D936 to BERGERAC

  1. IN CASTILLON LA BATAILLE, turn right at the third trafic light and cross the river Dordogne. (400m), (toward SAUVETERRE.)

  2. TURN ON THE FIRST ROAD ON THE LEFT AFTER THE BRIDGE, Av de la Dordogne D130E3, drive for 7,5 km along the river till FLAUJAGUES.

  3. After the sign « FLAUJAGUES » drive for 350 m till the road sign « 50 RAPPEL » #1 main gate of YGEIA faces the sign.

Coming from the EAST :

From PESSAC / DORDOGNE, cross the village then turn right toward FLAUJAGUES. drive 5 Km, In Flaujagues go straight D130E3 the sign says "rive gauche de la Dordogne"


From the south :

from D130 :

In the village turn left on  D130E3 " rive gauche de la Dordogne "


Drive for 350 meters till the sign « 50 RAPPEL »



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